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The “Pigeon house” was wonderfully converted into a cosy guesthouse, from an original and typical regional home, housing the stables at the ground floor, the living quarters above and up in the attic its hay loft.


In a creative way, we have tried to integrate existing elements into the original interior, where rustic, modern elements and various styles find a beautiful harmony.


Through the intimate “lobby” you will directly enter the living area with the lounge, dining room and library. At the right hand of this large area, the old fodder troughs of the cattle have been provided with pleasant illumination. The “labour-intensive” restoration of the ceiling has been diligently and expertly carried out by the young talent of our “family”.

The three guest rooms, each thematically decorated, are situated on the first floor together with the ever beating heart of the house, the kitchen.

One stair up and you have reached the terrace. Facing south and viewing the breathtaking surrounding hills, flowers and vegetation. ........ the ideal location to peacefully enjoy a delicious aperitif or even more!


Please feel free to “walk around” with the “mouse” and we bet you will feel instantly “at home” when looking at the pictures!

Ground floor
First floor
Second floor

During the restoration work we quickly found out that living an anonymous life at Genevilla is impossible; as everybody in the village assisted us in one way or the other during the restoration. All this, has given our home an additional dimension where a lot of friendship ties have already been concluded.

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Our house dates back to the second half of the 19th century (probably older) and is fully restored, preserving all of its original charms.