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Genevilla is a village with less than 100 inhabitants, though yet it has the stature of “Villa”, this because of her strategic position between Navarra and Castilla.

Genevilla is situated at an altitude of 650 m and north of the Sierra de Codéz. The surroundings can best be described as headland; the highest peaks in the neighbourhood are the “Ioar” (1.416 m), an easy to climb mountain with an unimpaired view across the territories of Alava and Navarra and the “León Dormido” (1.244 m).


The San Esteban

The church of Genevilla, the San Esteban, in early gothic style (1200) has known quite some rebuilds during the second half of the 16th century, hence the gothic-renaissance aspects.

In 1549 the construction was initiated of one of the most valuable altar pieces of Navarra, indeed even one of the most valuable of the Iberian Peninsula: the principal altar piece of San Esteban. The work is from Andrés de Araoz and Amao of Brussels, a famous wood sculptor.


Ermita Nuestra Señora del Encinedo

On the slopes of de Sierra de Codéz one will find the old chapel of the Virgin del encinedo. The original building dates back from the 13th century and underwent quite some transformations (Baroque style) and may have served as a hospital.

The walls and one arc though remained preserved. On August 15 the “romería” (pilgrimage) was held.

The building was completely deteriorated but in August 2010, thanks to the local culture-committee works were started for the preservation of this patrimony.

CABREDO,with its church of Santiago el Mayor, gothic-renaissance from the XVI century, its washing place and fountain from 1800. Here too, archaeological discoveries were made from the Iron Age. We recommend the “Recorrido Turistico del Embalse de Sota”, the Navarra water basin with its breathtaking fauna.

MARAÑON,with important remainders from the Roman period. It received its privileges from Alfonso 1 the Battler (between 1104 and 1134). The church possesses a stunning Spanish-Flemish altar piece, end XV century.

LOS ARCOS, important historical place on the Camino de Santiago. Originally a walled city with castle and 7 gates. A large number of buildings ornamented with coat of arms. On its territory you will find the speed circuit   CIRCUITO DE NAVARRA.

TORRES DEL RIO, as well on the Camino de Santiago. De Santo Sepulcro church dates back from the XII century and is a jewel of gothic-navarra architecture. Is categorised as Patrimonio Histórico de Navarra y Monumento Histórico-Artístico.

TORRALBA DEL RIO, built against the slope of the Sierra de Codés in Valle de Aguilar . Torralba, of which documents exist as from 1262 is known as “La Torre Blanca”. It has been fortified place (villa) and large parts of is walls from the XIV century have been kept as well as its medieval gate and 5 towers.

CODÉS. In one of the most scenic places of Navarra you will find the sanctuary of  Ntra. Sra. de Codés with its Hospedria in the baroque style from the XVI and the XVII century. From here one can have wonderful walking trips through the Sierra de Codés and climb the Ioar (1.414 m).

ANTOÑANA, which name means “of Antonius” and has been an enclave at the Roman period. It received its privileges in 1182 from Sancho the Wise of Navarra. The beautiful fortress wall is classified as Monumento Nacional de Euskadi.

AGUILAR DE CODÉS, is situated at the foot of the Sierra de Codés and a nice example of a street-village and fortress. At the same time a secondary road on the Camino de Santiago. It still has kept a part of the XIII century ring-wall. Counts various homes with coat of arms from the XVI century.

SANTA CRUZ DE CAMPEZO, was already mentioned as a battle field in the XII century and received its privileges from Alfonse X the Wise in 1256. Its gothic church is categorized as Monumento Histórico de Euskadi.


Desde Genevilla, también puede visitar las siguientes ciudades:

ESTELLA a 35 km. www.estella-lizarra.com
VITORIA a 40 Km www.vitoria-gasteiz.org/turismo
PAMPLONA. a 80 Km. www.turismodepamplona.es
LOGROÑO a 25 Km. www.logroturismo.org
DONOSTIA a 120 Km. www.donostia.org
BILBAO a 100 Km. www.bilbao.net/bilbaoturismo


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